The videos alone cannot change pedagogical practices. Based on methods and experiences from See the goal project, the project partners have produced three guides for practitioners focused on how videos of in-company learning outcomes can support or even improve their practice.

The guides target: a) in-company trainers, b) VET consultants and c) VET students. Each of the guides is available in English, Slovenian, Danish, Portuguese and Finnish. Some of the guides are classic brochures, while some are websites, cartoons, and even one was created as a video itself.

All guides are freely accessible. Questions to the project team are welcome. Enjoy!

Guide for VET consultants

The term ´VET consultants´ covers coordinators, advisors and recruiters of training companies in dual systems.
One of their tasks is to present the students´ learning outcomes to the training companies and to guide the students.

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Guide for trainers

In-company trainers are mainly skilled workers who have the task of training apprentices during their work-based learning periods in VET. The trainers or training managers choose work tasks corresponding to the apprentices´ learning outcomes.

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Guide for VET students

VET students/apprentices can use videos in various ways. They watch videos before their training to achieve a profound understanding of their learning outcomes, or they reflect on their performance related to the videos. Students also produce own videos of in-company learning outcomes.

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