SEE THE GOAL is an EU-financed cross-national project under the Erasmus+ K2 Action. Experts and practitioners from Slovenia, Denmark, Finland and Portugal want to strengthen their VET systems.

SEE THE GOAL focuses on in-company training and learning processes in practice. The partners develop methods to support the design, communication, training and self-assessment of in-company learning outcomes.

Videos & how-tos

Video recordings for support of the design, communication, training and self-assessment of in-company learning outcomes

In practice

Training and learning activities with video-recorded in-company learning outcomes


Pedagogical guides for
a) in-company trainers
b) VET consultants as organisers / advisors of training companies
c) VET students


Hitting towards the final goal!

16th Sept.: The highly productive European project SEE THE GOAL is getting closer to its end, 31st Oct. 2018. In 4 countries, videos of in-company learning outcomes have been produced and supplemented with guidelines and a manual. The videos have been tested in...
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New publication: Guide for VET consultants – now also in Danish!

Vocational consultants play a crucial role in Vocational Education and Training (VET). Vocational consultants are gearwheels and information hubs in dual VET systems. VET consultants connect VET colleges with training companies, and the students with both of them....
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Successfully conducted multiplier events

January – April 2018: The four partner countries have successfully conducted their multiplier events, all of them with a high engagement from the conference guests and their positive interest in using video for learning purposes in VET. Managers and trainers from...
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Trial runs & conferences

The video production in SEE THE GOAL covers now a sufficient number of in-company learning outcomes, and several trial runs in educational practice could already be undertaken in each country. The interim results and conclusions indicate highly interesting results and...
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Fun and seriousity go hand in hand. THAT´S US is a video from the transnational work process in SEE THE GOAL – enjoy! The 1-minute-video was developed and recorded in co-creation in only 40 minutes during the transnational meeting in Finland, Oct. 2017, with...
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Best training practice in Finland

Retail store for high-end fashion, My Milou, opened their practice for presenting their principles and perspectives of workbased learning. My Milou trains students in the educational program of visual merchandising from Tavastia – to the students´ big...
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Photostory “Transnational peer learning on in-company training”

16 Oct. 2017: The photostory “In-company training: Trans-national peer learning on methods“ offers backstage insight into the international cooperation in SEE THE GOAL. The photostory is produced by the Slovenian VET college SC Celje, with contributions from the...
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New video: ´How to record with a smartphone´

The work with the videos in SEE THE GOAL is blooming! Several Slovenian videos are recorded in industry and under final edition. In Finland, videos are topically recorded in the retail sector. The first Danish videos from the health care sector are already online and...
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International VET conference “Crossing boundaries”

Experiences and interim results from ´See the goal´ have contributed to a paper and a workshop, which have been presented at the symposium “Crossing Boundaries in Vocational Education and Training: Social Dimensions and Participation”, held by University of Rostock...
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In action: storyboards, company commitment, learning outcomes

March 2017: All partner countries work intensively on each their activities. Video production Portuguese Dual has elaborated a storyboard for an instructional video for students "How to produce a learning video". Workshops will be held in April 2017 to train two...
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