Design of in-company learning outcomes

SEE THE GOAL has resulted in a report based on a transnational analysis of formulating learning outcomes. This report includes the analysis of national approaches to defining in-company learning outcomes in the partners’ countries.

The concept of learning outcomes has been clearly strengthened over time. As a consequence, practically all European countries are engaged with various aspects and standards at policy level. This is even more significant in local practice, as teaching and training have to be rearranged when working with learning outcomes.

However, so far, learning outcomes for in-company training is the least elaborated area in this entire development. This is due not only to the fact that this field is remarkably diverse but also because social partners and companies don’t know how to handle the learning outcomes approach.

In-company leaning outcomes can be defined at national, regional or sectoral levels. However, every country has its own approach adapted to their national VET systems and cultural specifics. In this regard, experts from the “See the Goal” project attempted to advance some transnational recommendations for designing in-company learning outcomes.

Besides the results from SEE THE GOAL, the following recommendations are based also on findings from practice and previous innovation projects in Denmark, Finland, Slovenia and Portugal, as well as on findings from several European research papers and reports, such as from Cedefop, European commission’s papers and European training foundations (ETF) papers.

Work-based learning

Work-based learning in apprenticeship links the labour market with the educational system. Apprenticeship equips students with relevant labour market skills and competencies, significantly lowering youth unemployment and employers´ costs for new employment.

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In-company learning outcomes: design

In-company learning outcomes are the framework for work-based learning in practice. Nevertheless, the elaboration of these learning outcomes is an underestimated process and demands expertise.

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