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The project partners undertook a major dissemination effort during the project until September 2018. Several hundreds of activities have been conducted, with both practitioners and managers VET, researchers as well as policy makers as target groups. Some highlights are published here.

Also after the end of SEE THE GOAL, an enjoyable interest is registered by the partners. Thus, there are still presentations and publications going on, and the results become accessible here, as coming up.

Mulitplier events in Slovenia, Denmark, Portugal and Finland

During spring 2018, multiplier events were succesfully conducted in Slovenia, Denmark, Portugal and Finland. All of them were characterized by a high engagement from the conference guests and their positive interest in using video for learning purposes in VET.

Managers and trainers from training companies participated, as well as VET teachers and decision makers from the national VET systems. In Portugal and Denmark, also students got involved with active roles in workshops and in plenum discussions. Several hundreds of guests joined all in all the conferences. Some of the activities took place “hands-on”, and thus, many guests also got practically enrolled.

The multiplier events focused on:

  • Video-producing methods and the quality of the videos
  • Videos in training and teaching practice, emphasizing the importance of didactic and pedagogical methods
  • The in-company learning outcomes themselves: how to increase their understandability and applicability to practice
5th April 2018, Denmark, Roskilde

5th April 2018, Denmark, Roskilde

Vi har mødt glædelig opmærksomhed i EUD, og konferencen er nu udsolgt. Ved særlig interesse henvendelse via projektleder.
The conference is sold out, with professionals from teaching and training practice as well as from the social partners.

26th March 2018, Bled, Slovenia

26th March 2018, Bled, Slovenia

The conference will be held for teachers, trainers, training managers, trade committees and other stakeholders.

18th April 2018, Porto | Portugal

18th April 2018, Porto | Portugal

There will be workshops of 2 hours´ duration for a mixed group of students, teachers, representatives from VET colleges and psychologists responsible for vocational guidance.

23rd Jan. 2018, Hämeenlinna, Finland

23rd Jan. 2018, Hämeenlinna, Finland

The conference ´Visualizing competences´ was conducted successfully for vocational teachers from Hämeenlinna, Helsinki area, Turku area, Tampere area, Mikkeli and for teacher trainers from HAMK, Hämeenlinna.

Some highlights: Presentations and publications

Some highlights: Presentations and publications

SEE THE GOAL gives free access to all results.
We happily offer presentations, information and our products, as far as finalised at the given date.
We have proudly noted great interest in our work. Everyone is welcome – practitioners, as well as managers and political decision-makers.

Some testimonials from the multiplier events

Students could film the processes as they go and analyse them to learn from their mistakes.

Conference guest, Slovenia

When you have to learn something new, it is good to get it told and demonstrated, that you can try but also get a handout – like today!

Conference guest, Denmark

The best video is a made video! Cut down a bar and finish the video! Remember:

  • This is everyday video
  • Focus on content and forget special effects
  • We do not graduate in the audio-visual profession 🙂 (unless if we do)
Olli-Pekka Kangas, University of Turku Researcher - conference guest, Finland

The result from our workshop was that we got produced a video, and everybody had fun. Furthermore it became clear how important it is to plan your film.

Hans Meinert, workshop instructor, DK