SEE THE GOAL has undertaken various evaluations during the project, both regarding the intellectual outputs and final conclusions.

The evaluations of the intellectual outputs were based on quality criteria, identified transnationally by the partners. The following evaluations have been conducted:

  1. Assessment of videos as self-assessments and as peer reviews
  2. Evaluations of learning processes with the videos in practice, by students
  3. Evaluations of training with the videos in practice, by in-company trainers and training managers
  4. Evaluations of teaching with the videos in practice, by VET teachers
  5. Evaluations of consulting with the videos in practice, VET training consultants

At the end, the partners evaluated their entire work during the final transnational meeting.

Conclusions from project evaluation

During the final transnational meeting of the project, the partners evaluated with the help of various qualitative methods, such as brain writing, association cards and physical forms of self-assessment. As a summary, the partners finally concluded on the following:...

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In practice: Trial runs with the target groups

Extensive trial runs with the target groups in the 4 partner countries were a crucial part of SEE THE GOAL. The methods, results and conclusions in short For the purpose of analyzing learning processes with videos, the project partners produced a total of 27 short...

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Videos: self-assessments & peer reviews

All videos in SEE THE GOAL have been produced according to a range of quality criteria. These criteria have been agreed on in the transnational partnership of SEE THE GOAL. They are partly based on the technical expertise of the consulting experts (CMF, March 2017),...

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