During the final transnational meeting of the project, the partners evaluated with the help of various qualitative methods, such as brain writing, association cards and physical forms of self-assessment.

As a summary, the partners finally concluded on the following:

  • Video has a high potential, as it is the young peoples´ own media. Recording and editing has become so much easier and cheaper and can basically be undertaken by “everybody”.
  • Nevertheless in educational context, a broader implementation of videos is necessary. The VET colleges will promote this approach via superusers.
  • Also a more modern promotion is required, and the new social media should be used to a far higher degree for this purpose.
  • There is a still unexplored potential in students´ own video productions for self-assessing their work and their learning results during in-company training.
  • The translation of regulations to training practice and vice versa is a complex and difficult task. The implementation, design and revise of in-company learning outcomes can be supported by video recording work and learning situations, which has been proved in SEE THE GOAL.

Also other perspectives came up: Video is one of the media, used more and more in Education 4.0. Other technologies, such as artificial intellligence, virtual reality and robots have entered the scene. Some of the partners will go into this direction to identify new possibilities.

All partners underlined that the methods and their impacts will stay alive and get further developed in each of their countries.