31st October 2018: The highly productive European project SEE THE GOAL has come to its end. In 4 countries, videos of in-company learning outcomes have been produced and supplemented with guidelines and a manual. The videos have been tested in training practice, with conclusions that are processed during these weeks in an article.

The final products and results are published in a collected manner these days. All of the products are available in English, and most of them also in the partners´ languages: Slovenian, Danish, Portuguese and Finnish.

In the series of products, check also the new guidelines: How to use the videos of in-company learning outcomes in daily practice. There are guides for in-company trainers, for students and for vocational consultants. The partners have created their guides according to the preferences of their target groups. Thus, you can find conventional brochures and infographs, as well as innovative videos, cartoons, storyboards and a website.