´ET2020´ – Council Conclusions on a strategic framework for European cooperation in education and training, 2009

“Curriculum reform in Europe – The impact of learning outcomes”, Cedefop, research paper no. 29, Publications Office of the European Union, 2012

Comparative European studies and analyses

European Commission, Tri-partite opinion on quality and effective apprenticeships and work-based learning, Dec. 2016

EU-project EREIVET, 2015: European Regions Enhancing Internationalization of VET is a network of regional school authorities, networks/clusters of schools and big schools or school-centers of 12 countries in Europe, enhancing strategies for the enhancement of learning cross-border mobility in Europe.

ECVET Pilot projects

EQUVAET European Quality Assurance in Vocational Education and Training: Guidance in work-based learning

Opening up Education: Innovative teaching and learning for all through new Technologies and Open Educational Resources – COM/2013/0654 final



  • Research on implementation of learning outcomes as a translation process: On the method of translating as a steering tool ”Oversættelse og styringsredskaber” (2013), Søren Obed Madsen, Roskilde University Centre, Denmark; organizational theories, Kjell Arne Røvik, Aalborg University
  • Lamscheck-Nielsen, R. (2017). Crossing Boundaries in Vocational Education and Training: Social Dimensions and Participation. Conference paper, Rostock – Germany.

Students’ portfolio with media integration:

  • ”Learners as producers” – Using project based learning to enhance meaningful learning through digital video production, Vincent H.K. Hung, Mike Keppell and Morris S.Y. Jong, Centre for Integrating Technology in Education, Hong Kong Institute of Education
  • ”A student centric approach for mobile learning video content development and instruction design”, 2013
  • “Theory and Practice: How Filming “Learning in the Real World” Helps Students Make the Connection”, Nannette Evans Commander, Teresa E. Ward, and Karen M. Zabruck, Georgia State University, 2012, International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, Vol 24, No. 3
  • Students´ sound productions for educational purposes: “Set lyd på – lydteknologier i undervisningen”, Lamscheck-Nielsen and Kølle Jørgensen, Erhvervsskolernes Forlag, 2008

Workplace learning

A wide range of national and international literature, with relevant and topical surveys, such as:



Complex project management, agility, stakeholder involvement and action research:

  •  “The handbook of action research”, edited by Peter Reason & Hilary Bradbury, 2006, Sage Publications Ltd.: Senge, Peter M. & Scharmer, Claus Otto, p. 195-206, 2001
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  • CPI (2012). Z evalvacijo do sprememb. (With evaluation to change.)
  • “8 reasons why it is so difficult to scale up”, Fembek, 2016, Zero project
  • Implementation, interactive model for self-assessment, Lamscheck-Nielsen, Roskilde University Centre, DK (2011)


  • Danish promotion film on learning outcomes “Learning outcomes in Northern light”, Nordic Council of Ministers & Danish Ministry of Education
  • Promotion videos, presenting Portuguese vocational training
  • New Finnish MOOC practice; practice from virtual tools in skills demonstrations
  • Austrian toolbox for in-company trainers
  • MAPPING- individualized learning approach, with practice from 5 countries  and Quality MAP
  • Elevplan – Official Danish nationwide platform to link students, teachers and trainers in a data-protected personal way
  • Omnia* model, Finland “Innovative Approaches in Documenting and Measuring Learning Outcomes in VET”, Mervi Jansson – Aalto
  • CPI (2012). Učne situacije v poklicnem in strokovnem izobraževanju. (Learning situation in VET). Result of the project was also video presentation of learning situations recorded on DVD
  • Project in Slovenia in the educational area: ICT projects, eg. e-textbooks

National legislation on in-company learning outcomes


  • Digitalna Slovenija 2020 – Strategija razvoja informacijske družbe do leta 2020
    (DIGITAL SLOVENIA 2020 – A strategy for developing the information society till 2020)
  • Bray, M. (2007). Comparative Education Research: Approaches and Methods. Hong Kong: Comparative Education Research Centre