March 2017: All partner countries work intensively on each their activities.

Video production

Portuguese Dual has elaborated a storyboard for an instructional video for students “How to produce a learning video”. Workshops will be held in April 2017 to train two groups of students in using film technology for the production of learning videos.

During spring 2017, Portuguese videos will be recorded by Car Mechatronic students in the training companies Carclasse and in Gamobar.

In Slovenia, SC Celje could commit the training companies MIK Celje and Cinkarna for the recordings of learning outcomes within the educational programmes of Toolmaker, respectively Industrial mechatronic.

Meanwhile, Slovenian CPI works on a template for the design of in-company learning outcomes. These learning outcomes will be applied nationwide.

As an alternative to conventional video technology, the Finnish partners are testing 360 degree virtual reality. This could be an advantage when illustrating shop environments in the Business programmes. A Slovenian example, made at SC Celje.

In practice with the videos

The Danish partners SOSU Sjælland, Moeve, Lejre Kommune and Stevns Kommune are planning trial runs of their first 4 videos in training practice. They will implement the videos in training companies from 6 municipalities from August 2017 for apprentices, studying the Care helper programme.

The trial runs will be evaluated systematically, before implementing the videos in teaching at VET colleges for the introduction of students to their in-company training.