The project partners co-produced videos of learning outcomes for the Danish educational program ´Care helpers´. The co-production took place during a seminar in Denmark, 27th February – 3rd March.

Two training companies within the Danish educational program for care helpers had opened their daily work and training practice for the project: Stevns Kommune and Lejre Kommune. Educational consultants, trainers and apprentices from these companies contributed actively during the seminar, when working with elderly citizens in nursing homes.

The seminar had a double goal:

  1. The international partners were introduced to the Danish VET system and experienced in-company training in practice
  2. The partners achieved basic competencies for recording and editing videos of in-company learning outcomes

For this purpose, the project´s supplier, film company CMF, conducted an intensive peer learning with two vocational media experts from Slovenian VET college ŠC Celje and an educational librarian from Danish VET college SOSU Sjælland. This peer learning was extended to a training of the vocational media experts from SEE THE GOAL´s  partner organisations.

The outputs of the seminar – 5 videos – will be published in late spring 2017.