Extensive trial runs with the target groups in the 4 partner countries were a crucial part of SEE THE GOAL.

The methods, results and conclusions in short

For the purpose of analyzing learning processes with videos, the project partners produced a total of 27 short authentic videos of formal in-company learning outcomes in the occupational fields of business & administration, social & health, industrial technicians and car mechatronics.

The videos were pilot-tested for their supportiveness of learning processes in Denmark, Slovenia, Finland and Portugal. 228 students, 16 trainers, 12 VET teachers and 9 VET consultants participated. The data were collected via standardised questionnaires across the countries, which results were analyzed by quantitative analysing methods. Data were also collected via observations, personal interviews and focus group interviews. These qualitative data were analyzed by identifying meanings and formulating themes.

The results indicate that “making learning visible” increases the students´ reflection on their learning processes and their performance levels. The trainers appreciated the videos as a reference framework for dialogues with students. Video technology was utilized by watching videos in various learning situations and as the students´ own productions. In general, the quality of the amateur videos was experienced by the participants of the study as being sufficient.

The videos were found to have made a positive difference for the students´ learning results. However, it was also shown that competent trainers and personal dialogues are very important for the students. A clear majority of the students favored the videos, but some students also underlined that they prefer the text-based learning outcomes.
All in all, videos have conquered the scene, but they can neither replace trainers nor conventional learning materials.