In-company learning outcomes are those competencies that students have to achieve in their work-based learning periods during their vocational education.

Learning outcomes are – or should be – quality keys for the interaction between VET school, training company and student/apprentice – if they are in line with the competencies to be achieved in formal VET. Typically, national authorities identify and formulate the formal learning outcomes, to be included in the regulations and/or formal guidelines.

These documents vary widely. There are differences between the trades, different interpretations and local variations in each country. In Slovenia, evaluations showed that in-company learning outcomes typically either are not defined at all, not properly defined, or in-company mentors and students do not read and follow them.

Thus, there is a general need to define in-company learning outcomes, make them more transparent and to create examples of good practice. This is valid for both countries with a well-established dual system and for countries in the process of implementing work-based learning in their formal VET programs.

Quality assurance

Transparent learning outcomes ensure an efficient design and implementation of the students´ educational plans, ease the assessment of work-based learning and support transnational mobility activities for all involved parties. Video presentations of in-company learning outcomes were developed as an innovative method to support EQAVET Guidelines for quality assurance.

See the goal project implemented these guidelines, particularly its Building Blocks:

  • Design: define in-company learning outcomes
  • Communicate: improve communication between student, trainer and teacher
  • Assess: review the work-based learning and assess learner’s achievement
  • Train: video as a learning and teaching material